Transcript of ANTIHIPERTENSIVOS EN EMBARAZO. CLASIFICACION DE LOS TRASTORNOS HIPERTENSIVOS CUANDO INICIAR. Recomendación de la OMS sobre el reposo para la prevención primaria de pre-eclampsia y desordenes antihipertensivos del embarazo. RHL. A menudo se utilizan medicamentos antihipertensivos bajo la creencia de . Durante el embarazo, hasta una de cada diez pacientes tienen.


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Women in three studies India and USA were recruited post partum.

Overall, the participants in these studies were pregnant woman with pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, irrespective of number of fetuses and period of pregnancy i.

The former dose was the standard dose in Bangladesh Antihipertensivos en embarazo regimen. The study compared a high-dose intravenous regimen 6 g IV loading dose followed by 2.

Alternative magnesium sulfate regimens for women with pre-eclampsia and eclampsia

Three trials involving postpartum women USA and India antihipertensivos en embarazo alternative maintenance regimens. One trial compared stopping of maintenance therapy after the onset of diuresis with continued maintenance of therapy for 24 hours after delivery.

Another Study India compared individual therapy based on clinical criteria with therapy continued for 24 hours. The third trial compared 12 hours of postpartum maintenance therapy with antihipertensivos en embarazo hours of maintenance therapy USA.

In antihipertensivos en embarazo comparison there were no clear differences between the two groups for recurrence of convulsions, maternal death, risk of cesarean section and stillbirth. No data were available for maternal morbidity.

Antihipertensivos en embarazo were no clear differences between the two groups with regard to recurrence of convulsions, oliguria, absence of tendon reflexes and infant death.

Data were insufficient for reliable conclusion on neonatal morbidity admission to special care nursery, respiratory distress syndrome or neonatal respiratory depression.

Anticonvulsant therapy for eclampsia | RHL

Prevention of eclampsia 17 women: In this comparison no women developed eclampsia. There was less use of anti-hypertensive therapy in the standard IM regimen group RR 3. The trial was too small 17 women to obtain sufficiently reliable evidence about other indices of maternal morbidity magnesium sulfate toxicity, renal failure, intra partum antihypertensive therapy and cesarean section and the outcomes for the baby.

Duration of postpartum maintenance regimen antihipertensivos en embarazo In these trials no women developed eclampsia. Women allocated to a short maintenance regimen were more likely antihipertensivos en embarazo have their treatment regimen extended or restarted.

Alternative magnesium sulfate regimens for women with pre-eclampsia and eclampsia | RHL

However, this difference was not statistically significant RR 5. Data were insufficient to draw meaningful conclusions about the effects on progression to more severe pre-eclampsia or antihypertensive therapy at discharge. Antihipertensivos en embarazo of heterogeneity, data for the length of postpartum hospital stay were not totaled across the subgroups.

Duration of postpartum maintenance regimen: The trials included in this comparison were antihipertensivos en embarazo same as those in comparison 4 and it is not possible to draw out separate results for this comparison.

Anticonvulsant therapy for eclampsia

Small number of studies, with relatively small sample sizes and missing data for several important outcomes, are important limiting factors. There were also problems with blinding in the available studies.


For example, sequence generation and allocation of concealment were adequate in only two trials and not clear in the remaining four. Hence, it is not advisable to make any changes to the current regimens.

In the absence of reliable data on reduced dosages and duration of treatment and the intramuscular route of administration, it will be wise to antihipertensivos en embarazo with antihipertensivos en embarazo protocols with which health-care workers are familiar.

There is a strong need to conduct large randomized multicentre trials on these topics in various settings. It is also be useful to assess the benefits and adverse effects of starting therapy before transfer to hospital. Make every mother antihipertensivos en embarazo child count.

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology ; World Health Organization international collaborative study of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Universal implementation of MgS04 for the treatment of eclampsia should be a public health priority.