With the help of these useful resources online, it is way easier for you to enter the world of Android Development. Here are some websites you. As the official integrated development environment for all Android applications, Android Studio always seems to top the list of preferred tools for. Android tutorial for beginners - Learn Android Programming and how to develop android mobile phone and ipad applications starting from Environment setup.


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I would also recommend Head First Android Development.

Developer Guides

Though this book is a bit outdated, it explains the key concepts android programming a very interesting way. If you android programming to learn from video tutorials, I would recommend you to enroll for below courses. This official guide covers all the basic stuff with a lot of code samples which can prove to be very much helpful to any Android developer.

At the end, you would be amaze at yourself for having built more than 10 apps.

Android Tutorial

CodePath not merely distributes this free online guidance, and it also holds free workshops and 8-week bootcamps for advanced mobile developers. Edureka online course indeed pushes you forward through a practical project, and you will create interactive applications using SQLite database.

Udacity provides courses cut into varied degrees for students to take, and they put some video clips to briefly describe their Android courses. For beginners who want to learn not just Android but also other languages, here is the right place to quick start. Courses android programming separated into sections, and you can get points when achieving one goal.

In this course you learn how to speed up rendering, optimize compute and memory operations, and minimize battery drain. Advanced Start the course Firebase in a Weekend Learn how to use Google's Firebase cloud back end to store and share data for multi-user Android apps.

Intermediate Start the course Firebase Analytics Learn how to add Firebase Analytics to your app and use it to make android programming decisions about things like ad placement.

LeakCanary is available on GitHub.


NimbleDroid NimbleDroid is a testing platform that allows you to check your finished Android app for memory leaks, bugs, and other issues prior to publishing on Google Play. Android programming such as Mozilla, Yahoo, and Pinterest have all used NimbleDroid to android programming their applications.

Android Development Tutorials and Courses

RAD Studio RAD Studio is an integrated development environment that allows you to write, compile, package, and deploy cross-platform android programming. It provides support for the full development lifecycle resulting in a single source codebase that can be recompiled and redeployed.

A free trial is also available. Stetho Stetho is an Android debugging tool created android programming Facebook.


It is a free open-source platform that allows access to a Chrome Developer Tools feature native to the desktop browser. See all of your android programming and branches clearly without having to write a single command line.

SourceTree also allows you to stage and discard changes android programming the file, hunk, or line.

android programming SourceTree is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Unity 3D Unity 3D is a cross-platform game development environment used for creating android programming, graphics-intensive mobile games such as those containing virtual or augmented reality.

I have learned Java language from the Head-First Java book.