Review your app's stats regularly to understand how it's performing and Monitor your app's stats and review alerts for unexpected changes. You can view statistics for individual apps using the Play Console web version or app. Find & review your app's data Find your data Open the Play Console app. App Annie Store Stats makes it easy to track app market statistics and data for top grossing and downloaded apps in United States for iOS and Android apps and.


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As much as social media apps allow millennials to communicate anywhere and anytime they want, more functional apps present a greater value for this segment of a population.


The mobile app Millennials use the most Source: In people in US people spend 5: With no surprize, among non-digital TV still rules supreme with 4: With the current trend of cord-cutters worldwide, TV segment will continue to shrink down, while people will continue to switch to consuming content on android app statistics devices.

But on average, across all age groups, in Android app statistics spent minutes of their awake time to watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, listen Apple Music, Spotify and other movie and music streaming services.


The time spent per user with digital media on mobile in US daily android app statistics Source: On average, all age groups combined spend more than twice as much on smartphone apps than on tablet ones. People have more chances to interact with a smartphone, essentially anywhere where a single-hand-operation mode is possible, but because of the form factor a table computer provides android app statistics variety of situations to use apps.

Among all groups, the age one demonstrates the greatest time spent. In the Age group people are focused on their career and hence less time for media content consumption apps, also they get married and have kids, all these factors combined decrease amount android app statistics time they can devote to apps.


This android app statistics continues for the rest of the age groups with an interesting twist for time spend on tablet apps. Number of mobile app hours per smartphone and tablet app user in the United States in Juneby age group Source: The following graph brings up how many apps people use daily around the world, the champion on the chart is Brazil with close to 12 apps a day android app statistics the least number goes to France — 9 apps a day.

Average number of mobile apps used daily Source: Keep track of your installs on active devices. This gives you an accurate measure of your install base. You've already passed a big hurdle getting the app on the user's android app statistics.

Use this metric to understand key attributes about your install base. Examine your performance per user. Many of the stats show the first action taken by a user.

Android app download ranges worldwide 2018

This gives you insight into how users are installing and uninstalling your app. For the app you want to review, go to the "Crashes" card. Tap the name of an individual crash or freeze android app statistics.

To see the stack traces for that crash or freeze, tap Stack traces.

How to get the exact downloads and statistics from Google Play - Quora

Analyze your data with dimensions To help you organize, segment, and analyze your data, you can organize and view a report using an available android app statistics.

When you select a dimension, you'll see the data plotted in the graph above. Depending on which data card you're viewing, dimensions may include: Compare your app's crashes and daily average review score before and after android app statistics release that addressed stability.

After you set up your report, a table and chart are displayed that show your app's data for the time period that you select.

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To view detailed data by day, select a date on the chart. Here are the dimensions available on your Statistics page: Android OS version reported from the user's device Android app statistics User's Android OS language setting Carrier: User's wireless carrier when applicable Channel: