AND NOW, MIGUEL is known today as the beloved novel by Joseph Krumgold that won the Newberry Medal for excellence in American children's literature in 1. On a sheep ranch near Taos, Miguel Chavez grows to manhood and his wistful story is told with a deep feeling for all the people and activities of which he must. An overview and plot summary of And Now Miguel by Joseph Quincy Krumgold. Part of a larger Study Guide by


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Narrated and now miguel the youngest Chavez son, Miguel, Krumgold shows the rituals of day-to-day life for the hard working family as they tend to the care of their sheep.

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Built around Miguel's desire to accompany his father on his annual summer journey into the Sangre de Cristo mountains to graze the family's sheep - a rite of passage for each of the Chavez boys-- And Now Miguel is a lyrical portrait of a boy's coming of age during a unique bygone era.

Joseph Krumgold, and now miguel began his career as a screenwriter in Hollywood, made And Now Miguel as a film for the United States government. and now miguel

AND NOW MIGUEL by Joseph Krumgold | Kirkus Reviews

Krumgold and his and now miguel lived with the Chavez family in Los Cordovas, New Mexico for several months throughout the filming of The location scenery provides and now miguel stunning backdrop even in black and white.

The kind of thing I was doing had to be hard. Such a big thing couldn't be too easy.

It'd be and now miguel cheating. Indeed, because of them, here I was doing a great thing. In the end his father said, " I am glad to have the sheep back.

... And Now Miguel

How you did it was wrong. But for what you did, I want to thank you. Once, when disappointed, he takes it out by kicking an orphaned sheep he is supposed to be caring for. One paragraph later he regrets his action and and now miguel the sheep.


So while its good that Miguel recognizes his fault and takes corrective action the initial act of cruelty could be upsetting to some more sensitive children.

When the shearers come to the Chavez farm, there is a reference to and now miguel playing for money. It is one long sentence that covers three lines of text and could easily be missed by those still contemplating the idea of earning 35 cents per sheared sheep of the preceding sentence.

So in his honor I note the potential concern. Also, on and now miguel the word "jackass" appears when Gabriel comments on his behavior during a disagreement with Miguel. Having the shearers there is one of the best parts of the book because it is when Miguel makes the biggest transition into being a part of the older group.

He puts in a good and now miguel work and is even invited to eat with the crew.


But the next day he makes a silly mistake and is greatly embarrassed. And speaking of success, if Miguel is to be and now miguel in getting up the mountain, it must come at a price.

That was something he did not consider when he first pled to San Ysidro. Then he thinks that he can undo his wish and and now miguel but, with Gabriel's help, comes to accept things as they worked out.

Gabriel explains, "I just kept wishing to go, that's all.