Ports Of Call ($; Nov. 30; pp.; ): The native Lebanese (now French) author of such exotic fiction as The Rock of Tanios. Sino-US English Teaching, ISSN September , Vol. 11, No. 9, D DAVID PUBLISHING The Particularity of Identity in Amin Maalouf's. I have long studied the religion of the Phoenicians, the ancient inhabitants of modern-day Lebanon, but until December, I had never been to Lebanon itself.


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PORTS OF CALL by Amin Maalouf , Alberto Manguel | Kirkus Reviews

Their marriage is presented here as an exemplary rejection of suspicion and hatred between peoples, most particularly in the Middle East. He returns to Beirut and, despite the obstacles, to a happy marriage with Clara.

The Jewish-Muslim couple move to Haifa but, if one war amin maalouf ports of call made a hero out of Ossyane, another, much closer to home, is destined to split him from his wife and separate him from the world and the people that he loves.

Now, thirty years on, he awaits a meeting on a Paris bridge that will decide whether his tale is a tragedy or not He returns to Beirut and, despite the obstacles, to a happy marriage with Clara.

He also helps Clara and Ossyane in getting married by counterfeiting their official papers. The workshop reveals how identities are labels that prevent people from freethinking.

These identities are imaginary amin maalouf ports of call that divide people and create binary oppositions and hatred. The existence of False-Papers Jacques in the novel is essential; it signifies that people can give up the imaginary identities they assume, and establish new ones based on equality and love.

Ports of Call by Amin Maalouf (Book Analysis) ยป - Literature in a new light

The counterfeiting workshop stands for a different world that gives equal identities for all people. People there work without waiting for a reward, neither from other people nor from God.


They resist the violence and spread freedom. The asylum, on the other hand, is a small picture of tyranny in the world.

The Particularity of Identity in Amin Maalouf's Ports of Call | Sumaya Haj -

Dawwab, the owner of the asylum is obsessed with money, power, and authority. He uses his power to limit the freedom of the others, and to destroy their past and memories. He prevents the patients from using any means of communication, or amin maalouf ports of call reading recent books.

Ossyane is changed because he loses his enthusiasm and his sense of rebellion. Lobo, is strikingly an ideal person in a dystopian world. He lives in the asylum though he is amin maalouf ports of call mentally disordered.

Lobo plays music when the whole place is miserable.

Ports of Call

Contrariwise, Sikkin enjoys the suffering of people. He symbolizes the super powers of the world who observe wars and genocides indifferently.

The region now is still very much this way and its not too mushy of a romance so great for men to read also. Ports of Call From Amazon Don't expect this love story to go where you think.