PDF | This paper examines interconnections between law, politics and the quality of government in Africa. We investigate whether African. Government and Politics in Africa. Authors Introduction: African Politics since Independence Regional Groupings and the Organisation of African Unity. To disaggregate the governments and politics of sub-Saharan African states. To establish thematic groupings for the purposes of considering and debating the governments and politics of sub-Saharan Africa. To evaluate accounts of the social and cultural origins and animations of sub-Saharan African politics.


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A clan or lineage is the basic unit of such a tribal organization, in which the tribe resembles a series of small, equal, and quasi-autonomous groups.

The traditional sanctions for social order are ritual, feud, and warfare. Other tribal systems place emphasis on age rather than on african government and politics, and everyday government is in the hands of councils based on the recruitment of men and women of similar age.

Initiation at puberty is extremely important, in order that ties between age-mates whether young warriors or legislative elders overcome those of birth and descent. These societies are found especially in eastern Africa among pastoralists, such as the Maasai. In yet other tribal societies, mostly in western Africa, government is by african government and politics form of association including the so-called "secret societies" of men and women of equal age and standing.

Government and politics in Africa

In the third type of indigenous political structure—that of the kingdom or state—political authority is centered on the office of a king sometimes a queenwho is chosen from a royal clan and given sacred attributes by his or her subjects.

Kingdoms range in population from a few thousand people to several million, and their rulers african government and politics from being little more than ritual figureheads as among the Shilluk of the southern Sudan, the prototype of James G.

Frazer's "divine" king to military despots african government and politics powers of life and death. These kingdoms may have arisen by conquest as those of the Zulu or Swazi of southern Africa or by combining into a federation of culturally related states as those of the Asante or Ghana.

Introduction to Africa - Government and Politics

Other major political parties represented in Parliament include the Economic Freedom Fighters and the Inkatha Freedom Partywhich mainly represents Zulu voters.

The formerly dominant New National Partywhich both introduced and ended apartheid through its predecessor the National Partydisbanded in to merge with the ANC.

african government and politics


Zuma was replaced by Cyril Ramaphosa. The country's next general election will be held in Sovereignty, State Formation and Governance Week 4: Sources of Cohesion and Division I: Ethnicity and Nationalism Week Sources of African government and politics and Division II: The Politics of Race and Class Week Resistance, Overthrow and Revolution Week Violence, Civil War and Genocide Week State Failure and Collapse Week Peacebuilding and Transitional Justice Week Poverty, African government and politics and Humanitarian Intervention Week It is these, together with the pronouncements and writings of African leaders, the articulations of African citizens and civil societies, and the articulated view of international actors that comprise the discursive formation inspired by Africa and within which Africa sits.

Government and politics - Introduction to Africa

A selective sample of bodies of academic and other literature is as follows: There is a current vogue for voluminous tomes that seek to describe Africa for readers unfamiliar with the continent.

These are either vast travel documents in a line from Mungo Park or african government and politics also to analyse Africa — usually superficially and gloomily. The contemporary specimens by Martin Meredith and Guy Arnold fall african government and politics this category.