pages | PDF + MP3. Possession of this collection will enable any musician, independently of level and experience in jazz improvisation. Here is your chance to own the entire set of Jamey Aebersold play-a-longs, giving you the world's most extensive jazz play-a-long library with legendary rhythm. Category: Complete List of Aebersold Play-a-Longs. The complete list, in numerical order, of all Aebersold Play-A-Longs!


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Easy to understand and inspiring for all musicians wishing to aebersold complete the secrets of jazz improv. Book includes transposed parts for all instruments. The CD includes Jamey playing exercises from the book.

Jamey Aebersold - Jazz Play-A-Long COMPLETE

Hear the master clinician show you exactly how aebersold complete done! The blues have contained the very essence of the jazz sound since the s.


A player who masters the aebersold complete and feel of the blues will play other jazz tunes in a manner that will inspire the listener. Contains 11 different blues melodies and is a natural follow-up to Volume 1 or Volume Tempos are not fast.

Presented in various keys with a variety of moods from slow to rock. Chords and scales are written in the staff for each track. The most important musical aebersold complete in modern aebersold complete

Contains all the needed aebersold complete and chords to each CD track and all are written in the staff. Contains written patterns transposed for all instruments and 3 full pages of piano voicings that correspond to the CD.

Contains a Scale Syllabus aebersold complete allows you to find and use various substitute scales, just like professional musicians.

Allows you to practice major, minor, dom.

Free Jamey Aebersold Jazz Books Catalog

Movin' On Advanced level. This set contains 9 original songs written by Jamey Aebersold and Dan Haerle.

The songs are a challenge but are well worth the effort because they present problems you will encounter when playing jazz tunes.

This is your chance! A great volume to use when making the transition from learning scales aebersold complete chords to aebersold complete playing melodies and chord progressions.

Free Jamey Aebersold Catalog

Eight songs written in the style of the great standards. Book contains suggestions for soloing on each tune and a Aebersold complete Syllabus.


The essence of modern music is Bebop; considered by many to be the most important music of the 20th century. Aebersold complete set offers a tremendous way to learn 10 songs by the jazz legend, Charlie Parker, the foremost creator of Bebop.

All are well-known jazz standards essential for every jazz player. Learn from the master!


A unique way to learn 8 of the most popular songs of the 50s. Most are considered jazz classics because most musicians have learned them, and all are interesting vehicles for improvising.

The interesting chord changes, altered bridges, and aebersold complete melodies have been quoted in many compositions throughout the music world. Gain an insight into early Miles and gain an understanding of the transitional bop aebersold complete post-bop period.

These tunes represent a large portion of the jazz player's vocabulary and all are considered jazz standards. Songs range from simple to complex, slow tempos to fast.