A video covering some advanced F2L cases. Definitely check it out if you're looking for some better algs. F2L Algorithms. Just algs. 42 of them. Learn them. Picture. U (R U' R'). Picture. (R U R'). Picture. U' (R U2' R') U2 (R U' R'). Picture. U' (R U R' U)(R U R'). Picture. Advanced tricks for F2L. A contribution by Dave Orser. In the table below you can find some advanced tricks for solving corner/edge pairs of F2L. Each lower.


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But now you're hooked.

Speedcubing Guide | SolveTheCube

You aren't satisfied with people standing around for 2 minutes while you solve it because that guy at the office didn't believe you. You want to be one of those people, who can just look at a cube, and ten seconds later boom, it's done.

You want a taste of the high-flying, rock and roll lifestyle advanced f2l algorithms the speedcuber.


Well here is where your journey advanced f2l algorithms. This guide takes you through every step of the CFOP speedcubing method. Learning and practising this method can take you all the way to the top of the game - it is used by a lot of the top speedcubers to set world advanced f2l algorithms, including the current staggeringly low time of 4.

First Two Layers - Wiki

Full CFOP takes some dedication. If you've just arrived at this website looking to learn how to solve a Rubik's Cube and thought to yourself "Beginner my left foot, I'm starting with the speedcubing guide, that sounds fast", then I warn you now: It is the greatest oak that has the strongest roots, advanced f2l algorithms you'll grow your roots using the beginner's guide.

Go on, I'll wait right here. Advanced f2l algorithms that you know the beginner method, you can begin to introduce the concepts in this guide into your solves. You needn't go through the steps in order - you can learn and practise each bit independently, falling back on the beginner method as and when you need it.


Step 1 advanced f2l algorithms The Cross This step is the same as the beginner method - forming a cross on the first layer to get this: But not exactly the same, as you'll have noticed - the cube is upside down.

Indeed, the whole cross is assembled on the bottom layer instead of the top.

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  • Advanced tricks for F2L

Learn to identify partially hidden edges through elimination. Because edges are already oriented, there are at most four possibilities for any F2L edge.


If familiar with the colour scheme, then any corner with only two stickers visible can be worked out. Advanced f2l algorithms must directly relate to the content of your post. Self promotion youtube videos, books, apps, etc is allowed once per week.

No biased promotion of one cube shop over another. This includes "X store is now selling this cube!

Please note that you will need Adobe Reader to access and print the printable page. Corner Correct, Edge Not Placed In these cases, the corner is already solved and only the edge needs to be placed.

Advanced f2l algorithms Cases 02 and 03, it is sometimes helpful to use a "working corner" to place the edge piece. The algorithms exist to give you a feel of the shortest approach; but let's say you see a clear way to complete another pair while solving the current one, that doesn't follow the advanced f2l algorithms you know.

Then you should follow intuition, and do what will shorten your time the most.