PDF | Resumen anteCedentes la medición del tiempo de aclaramiento mucociliar con la prueba de sacarina ha sido el estándar clínico en. Acerca de un ensayo clínico aleatorizado de técnicas de aclaramiento mucociliar en niños con bronquiectasias sin fibrosis quística. About at randomized clinical. La función o aclaramiento mucociliar es el mecanismo de autolimpieza de la mucosa nasal. Está basado en la actividad pulsátil de millones de.


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The same adjustment of parameters described above for the aclaramiento mucociliar airway is used, with the exception that in this case we can apply high or aclaramiento mucociliar inspiratory flows, conditioned to patient wellbeing.

Complications of mechanical cough assist Most of the complications are very infrequent different studies involving over MC series have reported no significant complications. This complication can be avoided by slow and progressive insufflation pressure increments.

Ineffective cough and mechanical mucociliary clearance techniques

This can be improved by lowering the insufflation pressures and aclaramiento mucociliar training open glottis or extended neck. This happens in patients with important air flow limitation, causing MC to be ineffective.

This problem can be minimized by applying the technique passively, with no accompanying expiratory effort on aclaramiento mucociliar part of the patient.

This adverse effect can be minimized by applying Aclaramiento mucociliar with the new devices that allow Pe to be programmed independently of inspiratory pressure — thereby making it possible to lower the former until hypopharyngeal collapse is avoided. Intrapulmonary percussive ventilation Intrapulmonary percussive ventilation IPV is an airway secretions clearance technique derived from high-frequency ventilation.

Aclaramiento mucociliar involves the constant administration of a pulsatile gas flow with low successive tidal volumes TVs in the patient airway, with high frequency through an open respiratory circuit—this affording successive TVs with low pressure and high flow, creating a positive transpulmonary pressure gradient.

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The insufflated gas volumes are small between aclaramiento mucociliar and mland are administered on a continuous basis, superimposed or not upon spontaneous ventilation of the patient Fig. Expiration is achieved passively. Intrapulmonary percussive ventilation IPV connected in series in a patient subjected to conventional mechanical ventilation in pressure aclaramiento mucociliar mode.

The circuit used is continuously open, regardless of whether applied on a mask, mouthpiece or tracheostomy cannula. The circuit includes a Hudson type high-flow pneumatic aclaramiento mucociliar.

Mucociliary clearance

Mobilization of the respiratory secretions from the lower toward the upper airway can cause obstruction of the aclaramiento mucociliar and main bronchi.

This technique therefore must be aclaramiento mucociliar with immediate evacuation of the secretions, using instrumental methods or sequentially applying MC in patients with ineffective cough.

The manufacturers recommend a total treatment time of up to 20min.


There is a risk of causing hyperventilation, however; the time therefore should be individualized according to clinical and laboratory test criteria. On the other hand, dead space can be added to the circuit with tubing, in order to control the hyperventilation induced by treatment with IPV.

Indications of intrapulmonary percussive ventilation This technique is indicated for the mobilization of bronchial secretions in the context of aclaramiento mucociliar management of peripheral obstructions and ventilation disorders in obstructive or restrictive diseases characterized by hypersecretion, independently of the degree of patient collaboration, since it aclaramiento mucociliar superimposed upon patient respiration.

The technique can be applied in adults and children, and in both acute and long-term aclaramiento mucociliar. This therapeutic modality in turn can be applied in the presence of an artificial airway or a natural airway using a face mask or mouthpiece. Thereby the viscous film of mucus including its freight is transported off in direction towards the mouth, where it is either swallowed or expelled via coughing.

Important for good mucociliary clearance are the number of cilia, aclaramiento mucociliar structure, activity, and coordinated movement.

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Optimum functionality of mucociliary clearance presupposes a temperature of Under the condition of insufficient temperature and humidity, after a short time the ciliary cells suspend their aclaramiento mucociliar function.

Under such circumstances, bacterial germinal colonization is facilitated. Pulmonary infections and damaging of the aclaramiento mucociliar tissues may be the consequence.