Automatic Guided Vehicles) AH - Palette xcm (Verpackungscode Einheitspapier) AHStatG - Gesetz über die Außenhandelsstatistik g: abmessungen ‎| ‎Must include: ‎abmessungen. Description: Drawing of an Euro-Palette with exact dimensions. Europalletnach DIN EN Die Abmessungen der Holzklötze sind falsch! Vgl. mit Bild. Die Europalette ist seit 50 Jahren das Holzmaß aller Dinge. Inhalt. Seite 1 — Alles paletti; Seite 2 — Alles hält sich an ihre Abmessungen.


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The 3 containers 2,3;4 are mounted on a support frame 5 so that they can be removed and replaced independently by providing abmessungen europalette with a palette abmessungen europalette 7,8,9to facilitate handling by a fork lift truck, the frame 5 having fixing clamp for the palette bases.

Pref the press container 2,3 and the collection container 4 have welded feet 13,14 with fixing bores for the palette bases 7,8,9.


The abmessungen europalette relates to a cleaning abmessungen europalette removal apparatus for Entfer voltage of dirt on traffic surfaces according to the preamble of the on claim 1.

Such a device is known from the DE-GM 86 27 In the known device, the spatial arrangement of the device components on the frame is fixed and a replacement thereof is technically and time-consuming.

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In addition, the resulting wastewater may be because of ver sharpened environmental regulations no longer be pumped directly into a sewer abmessungen europalette even if the waste water is biologically from building land. The stored in a collecting tank mixture has rather a hazardous waste or other waste treatment plant or be fed, so that the collecting container in the abmessungen europalette state must be safely exchanged also.

22 DIY Ideen, wie man Garderobe aus Paletten selber bauen kann

The object of the invention is, therefore, a cleaning and Abtransportvorrich processing according to the preamble of claim 1 is to provide, abmessungen europalette is adaptable to the respective use conditions, thereby permitting the safe disposal of the waste water.

This object is achieved according to the characterizing part of claim 1. Hierdurch wird eine Reinigungs- und Abtransportvorrichtung geschaffen, bei der die Vorrichtungsteile eine kompakte Einheit bilden, dabei abmessungen europalette einfach und schnell einzeln austauschbar sind.

In this way, a cleaning and removal device is provided, wherein the device parts form a compact unit, abmessungen europalette however easily and quickly be replaced individually.


In addition to a capacity adjustment by replacing the container Be also the positioning of the device parts is dialing another bar, whereby the user is flexible in the definition and use of the cleaning and removal device.

Abmessungen europalette cleaning of the contaminated areas and the rapid restoration of traffic safety abmessungen europalette thus achievable.


The abmessungen europalette vessel of the cleaning unit and the collection container can as a foot part, respectively an attached single pallet transport platform and the bottom side thereof extending support elements for resting on the Grundrah men to provide a contact surface for a lifting device sen aufwei.

By a releasable fastening of the individual range of the respective advantages direction partially replacing the single pallet used can be simplified. abmessungen europalette

Also, the cheapest, provided with a dished bottom pressure vessels ter can be secured to the pallet by individual preferably welded legs. Preferably, in the collecting container, which can be stacked is formed, the support elements can also abmessungen europalette attached directly to the container abmessungen europalette, whereby a saving in weight is achieved.

Meaning of "Europalette" in the German dictionary

Depending on the load of the support members of the pallet-like foot members by the overlying weight of the various containers they may be formed as hollow sections or half-sections. The number of pressure vessels and storage tanks, which are arranged together on the Grundrah men, may depending on the application and are selected in adjusting the basic frame dimensions.

Preferably, the cleaning device comprises a pressure vessel for a abmessungen europalette fluid and a abmessungen europalette vessel for water.

Likewise, an electric heater may be provided for heating the cleaning and washing liquids. A abmessungen europalette preferred module size is x mm.


The measurements from the base frame can then range x mm abmessungen europalette chosen with dimensions as an integral multiple of the euro. The dimensions of the pallet-like base parts for the various container and possibly the additional range abmessungen europalette be chosen equal to all.

The positioning on the base frame is then arbitrarily changed. For fixing the palettartigen foot sections on the base frame, a multiple clamping devices can serve, on the one hand ensure abmessungen europalette reliable fixation to the base frame, but then quickly released and again brought.