That's an understandable goal; whatever you think of the trip it took to get to the final minutes of “Abaddon's Gate,” those final minutes are pretty. Directed by Simon Cellan Jones. With Steven Strait, Cas Anvar, Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham. Humanity's fate is on the line as Holden and his allies race. Holden and his allies must stop Ashford and his team from destroying the Ring, and perhaps all of humanity.


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She plans to humiliate James Holden for destroying her family, then kill him.

Europan Pastor Annushka Volovodov has been chosen for the Secretary-General's advisory group for the civilian trip to the Ring. If the Nauvoo fires abaddons gate railgun, the ship will be torn apart.

Abaddon's Gate

Many of its parts were built to spin, since the ship abaddons gate have thrust gravity only abaddons gate the start and end of its journey. Bull can't get the budget from the XO, Michio Pato fix many of the problems.

Samara Rosenberg from Tycho is the chief engineer.

Holden takes a job as far away from the Ring as possible, but the employer backs out at the last minute when Holden is served a summons from Mars ; they want the Roci back, and it's impounded at Ceres.

Monica Stuart from UN Abaddons gate Broadcasting wants to do a story on the Ring, and asks Holden to take her and her team there; under the Freedom of Journalism Act, she has reasonable use of any abaddons gate materials and personnel.

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Holden believes Miller might be behind all of this. Melba commands a team of 4 technicians on the Cerisier, but she's doing a abaddons gate job of faking it.

She leaves a bomb on a ship called the Seung Un; she creates a video abaddons gate Holden saying he's claiming control abaddons gate the Ring on behalf of the OPA, and abaddons gate paid someone on Ceres to setup a remote connection on the Roci.

She confides in Ren, a member of her team, that she's in over her head with the engineering job, and he says he'll help her out.

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The Behemoth staff have been showing up to work high. Bull with his deputy Sergebust a drug dealer and Bull nonchalantly puts him out an airlock.

Ashford relieves him abaddons gate duty, but Bull explains that on a military vessel anyone endangering abaddons gate ship is to be executed.


Ashford waffles and tells him never to do it again. The XO recognizes that Bull did this to show the crew he's more Belter than the captain, and he just made her shit list. Miller keeps telling Holden to check his doors and corners and to clear the room or he's going to wind up dead; Holden's not so sure he's just speaking abaddons gate any more.

Ren confronts Melba after he gets air filter data from the Seung Un indicating there might be a bomb aboard; she turns into a ninja, breaks his neck, then seals his corpse up in a storage locker in her room. Anna starts holding prayer meetings on abaddons gate Prince, as many of the abaddons gate are distraught about the Ring.

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She sees a young woman that looks abaddons gate she needs abaddons gate it's Melba, and she's going crazy with remorse after killing Ren. She thinks Anna somehow knows what she did, and tweaks out at her. Melba heads back to the Cerisier and activates the software on the Roci, issuing a trigger code to blow up abaddons gate Seung Un, announcing Holden's responsibility and demands, then powering up weapons and targeting systems.

On the Behemoth, probes sent into the wormhole have determined there are a number of large objects, possibly ships, on the other side. XO Pa revokes Sam's access privileges for making repairs Bull told her to do; Pa knows this, but is politicking to turn Bull's allies against him.